Put your feet up, settle your keyboard on your lap, draw your monitor close, and prepare to enjoy the writings of Pat Stuart, a former intelligence officer who has lived and worked in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. She has published, A Gathering of Grizzlies, a fine arts catalog, Grizzly Memories, a 'how to' book on fundraising with animal sculptures, Pockets of Magic, travel essays from South Asia, and Elkhounds of the Gods, a book of short stories. As a freelance writer, she has contributed stories, articles, and essays to various anthologies and magazines.

Attention Agents and Publishers
Regime Change: It’s the Arab Spring. North Africa is in turmoil, and CIA’s woman in Tunis, Regan Grant, finds herself caught in a cycle of violence spawned by a CIA cyberwar operation. Evading a team of terrorists sent to kill her and surviving an attack by a psychopathic Libyan is only her first challenge. Her life depends on uncovering who among the players wants her dead and why. 364 pp. Read the first chapter here.
Coming Soon
Determined Women, a creative nonfiction work in progress, tells the story of Icka Eilert Buss, an Ost Friesian of meager resources who emigrated to the American prairies with three toddlers and an infant. She built a cabin, busted sod, planted, harvested and eventually became a successful and respected farmer. One hundred years later, her great granddaughter, Marolyn Dale Miller, inspired by her story, took her three children into Wyoming's mountain wilderness to camp and build a log house with hand tools. Despite societal disapproval and the daunting tasks before them, both women perservered to accomplish their dreams. They were two of thousands whose actions and examples changed a society and a nation.